MMRA's  Secure Web Access Technology

Relieve Your Facility's Audit Burdens

With compliance audits on the rise, many HIM departments are expressing how difficult it is to staff appropriately because audit demand letters are issued randomly and hundreds of HEALTH INFORMATION can be affected at any one time resulting in thousands of images needed to be captured expeditiously. As a result existing HIM personnel are spending an increasing amount of time and effort responding to these laborious audits.

To help alleviate the burdens caused by audits (RAC, MAC, CERT and PERM) as well as other workload issues such as a staff shortage, leave of absence, or backlog, MMRA developed its Secure Web Access Technology (SWAT) Team.

SWAT Team professionals are Certified Release of Information Specialists (CRIS), have a deep understanding of health information, ROI, and audit processes, and are able to proficiently use many EHR systems. SWAT Team accesses securely and remotely the healthcare facilities’ EHR to process release of information requests and typically uploads directly to a portal.   PHI can be printed or just viewed depending on the healthcare facilities policies.  These qualities allow MMRA’s SWAT Team to efficiently assist an HIM department on a temporary or extended basis anywhere that allows remote access.  .

SWAT Team not only aides a healthcare facility’s temporary needs but also supports MMRA’s on-site staff to handle fluctuations in workflow (audits, RACs, PROs, etc).  When there are leaves of absences, resignations, SWAT makes sure we are never shorthanded, therefore MMRA ensures consistency with turnaround time.  SWAT can fill a position usually same day.

SWAT can be a tremendous tool not only for short term needs but on an every day long term basis.

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Midwest Medical Records Association, Inc. (MMRA) provides healthcare facilities nationwide with reliable and well-managed release of information services.

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At MMRA, we strive to go beyond today’s security and compliance standards to ensure patients’ health information remains secure throughout the entire request . . .

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Regardless of how services are performed – on-site or remote – MMRA employs HIM credentialed professionals to oversee the request process ensuring the strictest . . .

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