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We feel at MMRA that one of the most important services we bring to the ROI process is excellent customer service.  It is paramount that requesters are treated with due respect, kindness, and expediency. At MMRA we train all of our staff including reception and off-site customer service representatives to realize the importance and professionalism necessary to represent the healthcare facility’s mission. We realize that we are an extension of the healthcare facility and our efforts should be seamless. Because of our variety of services that we offer, we are not always handling reception and phone calls, and in some cases we may not even be on-site at all.  We still maintain degree of customer satisfaction that represents the healthcare facility’s mission, which could simply mean handling requests in a timely fashion, making sure all requestors receive what they asked for, or helping requesters complete an authorization form properly.

Corporate Call Center – MMRA provides a centralized corporate location where Customer Service Specialists (CSS) send a consistent message to requesters and minimize interruptions at the healthcare facility.  These CSS members are trained and have access to allow for status updates, payment processing, and more depending on the facilities’ needs.  This Corporate Call Center operates until midnight Central Standard Time.  This can be a tremendous customer service enhancement for most healthcare facilities.

Receptionists – MMRA’s Receptionists are the first point of contact typically at a healthcare facility. Either contacting the HIM Department via phone or physically visiting the HIM Department, MMRA Receptionists are trained to be compassionate, patient, knowledgeable and above all else helpful.

Status Portal - MMRA has developed software to minimize the number of phone calls to the HIM department/MMRA from large commercial retrieval companies.  These requesters like EMSI, PDC, EIS/IR Copy, Exam One, and US Legal can check status on their request if they enter their claim number or MMRA’s request number.  The portal will provide a status of their requests; i.e. received, processed, and completed with no PHI present.

TRACQuest Portal - Secure online tracking, payment and delivery portal, TRACQuest, allows users to see the steps in which their request is being processed, whether or not payment is needed, and when the request is available for secure, encrypted download.

Kiosk - These secure and easy-to-use units can be placed in convenient healthcare facility locations such as a lobby or other appropriate areas. Each kiosk uses enhanced security and privacy technology along with remote supervision from an MMRA employee to verify each patient’s identity. Units can also be programmed to offer a different language to help alleviate any language barrier. With an MMRA Requester Kiosk, patients won’t have to waste time navigating cumbersome campuses or confusing healthcare facility’s hallways any longer.  This kiosk can aide the healthcare facility especially when the HIM department is not on campus.

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Midwest Medical Records Association, Inc. (MMRA) provides healthcare facilities nationwide with reliable and well-managed release of information services.

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At MMRA, we strive to go beyond today’s security and compliance standards to ensure patients’ health information remains secure throughout the entire request . . .

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Regardless of how services are performed – on-site or remote – MMRA employs HIM credentialed professionals to oversee the request process ensuring the strictest . . .

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